Root canal treatments

Endodontic treatments are to save a tooth which has very deep decay and has caused the nerve to become infected and die. At Waterside Dental Practice, our Principal dentist has a real passion for root canals and regularly saves peoples teeth from extraction. 

Taking care of the roots

Decay in a tooth is similar to a worm in an apple, once present it continues to eat away unless the worm is removed. Decay will continue to eat away at the tooth in the same way until it reaches the nerve when it can become infected and die. Once decay has reached the nerve a standard filling isn't always possible and the patient can experience a lot of pain and discomfort. Root canal treatment involves removing all the decay and infection, along with the dead nerve, and filling the root with a rubber material. Treatment is then completed with a filling or crown on top of the tooth. This stops the pain and discomfort and saves the tooth from extraction. With Waterside Dental Practice, you get all treatment completed within the same practice with a dentist who has a master of science degree in endodontics, making patients feel comfortable and at ease . For more information, talk to our team today!
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So pleased to have found this dentist. Nikos, in my opinion, is the best dentist I have ever had. Everything is explained and personalised and painless. The staff are really friendly and welcoming. I would recommend this place to my nearest and dearest.

- Sharon Cambridge 
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