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Affordable Orthodontics in Southampton: Customised Solutions for All Ages

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment is an Orthodontic Treatment that involves wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. No brackets and wires, and no food restrictions that come with metal braces.

Dr Sara Belo will create a unique, digital treatment plan that maps out the exact movements of your teeth. Your Invisalign clear aligners are then designed to apply the right amount of force to the right place at the right time based on your plan. Dr Sara Belo will be with you every step of the way to monitor your progress and ensure your aligners fit correctly.

Invisalign® clear aligners are very aesthetic— people may not even notice you’re wearing them. You can remove them to eat and drink, to brush and floss, or for special occasions. And the best part is there are no brackets or wires that could irritate your mouth or break, sending you to your doctor for an emergency visit.

How to get started?

Every smile is unique, which is why your Invisalign treatment starts with a consultation. During your consultation, your doctor will help you determine what Invisalign treatment can do for your smile.

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Why Doctor Belo?

Dr Sara Belo graduated from the University of Porto with a master’s degree in Dentistry in 2016. Dr Belo works exclusively in the field of Orthodontics and provides clear aligner treatment as well as treatment with fixed braces. She has focused her practice on mastering the biomechanics of Clear Aligners and has completed post-graduate courses specifically in this area.

Dr Belo has been awarded Platinum Elite provider in Invisalign and provides clear aligner treatment to growing children as young as six, as well as teens and adults. This year Dr Belo has been awarded Finalist for Best Young Dentist in the South due to her hard work and dedication.

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Treating Children?

Have you ever wondered if your child’s teeth are growing in the correct position, or if they will need braces in the future?

Dr Sara Belo is here to help assess growing patients, as young as 6 and give parents advice on how teeth straightening can help your child. Teeth straightening is so much more than an aesthetic treatment, it is used to reposition the teeth into a more stable position so that your child can have a stable bite. This will increase the health of the teeth and can lead to better oral hygiene when they are in a straighter position.

Did you know the position of the teeth and the bite can have a huge impact on the growth and development of the face, head, and neck of your child?

By treating children earlier rather than later, we can:

  • create room in the mouth for the permanent teeth to erupt,
  • create facial symmetry by helping the jaws grow in a favourable position,
  • reduce the risk of your child needing jaw surgery in the future,
  • reduce the risk of trauma due to protruding teeth,
  • reduce the risk of children needing extractions due to lack of space.
Benefits of Teeth Straightening?

Teeth straightening will not only give you a beautiful smile; but by correcting the crowding it'll be easier to clean your teeth and keep them healthy. Dr Belo also puts a big emphasis on correcting bite issues to increase the longevity of your teeth long term. After all, prevention is better than cure!

As a special offer for the Spring and Summer months, we will be offering you the opportunity to book in with Dr Belo for a FREE Orthodontic Consultation. If you would like to make an appointment, please contact our reception team.

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