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Introducing 'The Wand'
Introducing The Wand
We understand dentistry has a reputation for being painful or unpleasant, but not with Waterside.

The Wand is a system that we use that can administer local anesthetic almost completely painlessly! We find this works particularly well for nervous patients or children and will change your opinion of being numb completely.

It works by placing a small amount of anesthetic on the gum first to prevent any pain when the needle is inserted and the anesthetic is injected in such a way less of your mouth becomes numb and with very little discomfort is experienced as the numbing is carried out.

No more huge needles and syringes and feeling numb for hours after treatment.

Air Polish
Air Polish
A pain free, simple yet effective solution to improve your smile without having to have lots of treatment.

Our air polish treatment is carried out by our Dental Therapist and involves a high quality air polishing system that uses high-pressure air to propel special powders at your teeth. The abrasion action of the powder provides a high quality polish, removing any staining you may have and restoring your smile to its full potential completely pain free. The appointment is only 30 minutes long and can have vast improvements for many patients.

Air Flow Treatment
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